Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

The Committee - Members 2017/18

Chairman - Linda Webb
Vice Chairman  - Chris Caroe
Minutes Secretary & Colony Spokesperson - Honoré Gale
Treasurer - Mervyn Gardner
Hut Rota Secretary - Sue Caroe
Hut Manager - Chris Caroe
Web Master - David Moulton

Other members

Bill Trinder, Noel Frith, Sue AinsworthAnn Charlton, Chris Wedge

Dave Taylor, David Hunter, Jeanne Smith, Joe Foy 

Frank Newall, Helen Wilkinson, Shelagh Burch, Paul Phillips, Lisa Borghesi

Any allotment holder/HAGA member can join the committee of HAGA . Committee members are formally elected at the AGM. This is normally held in February each year.
The committee meets every six weeks approximately at Hoole Community Centre.  Meeting are usually on Tuesdays starting at 7.30pm.

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