Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

I'm quite new to this growing lark.  I'm worried I'll be laughed at or scorned by the 'old timers' - You'll find that people are more than willing to offer tips and advice, spare plants and produce! Even the seasoned hands have failures sometimes and there is no 'right way' to do things.  The important thing is to try stuff out, try and keep on top of the plot, little and often.  Don't try and achieve too much all in one go.  Better to cover a patch over and cultivate bit by bit than get overwhelmed by the weeds in the first season and feel defeated!

Are we allowed bonfires?
  Yes, but within reason and not just because you enjoy staring at flames!   Sometimes bonfires are the only realistic way to dispose of certain stuff, ie.  piles of cut brambles, diseased vegetation, huge piles of (dried out) weeds.  So take heed of the wind situation and neighbours' washing please!

Is it OK to use strimmers/rotavators? - Yes, but as above, please be considerate as the noise from these machines carries. 

Help! I've just taken on a new plot and now I don't know where to start! - More than likely the
weeds are taller than you.  First step, get a strimmer, scythe or shears and cut down to ground level.  Now you have a choice: cover over with black ground cover, thick cardboard (like type used to pack white goods, bikes etc, not grocery cartons), carpet (but be careful, not foam backed (you'll end up with bits of foam all over the plot), and remember when wet it's a b***er to heave about).  Or spray with a glyphosate based weedkiller, then cover.  You can then peel back your ground cover and start digging section by section.  Remove perennial weed roots as you go and take home to council green bin (don't compost them, they'll resprout).  Leave  plot/area covered unless planning to plant straight away, so as to give those weeds a fighting chance of dying.

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