Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

How can I get a toilet key? - Bring a £5 deposit and get a key at the shop counter during opening hours.

Are there any special rules for the toilet? Yes, it's a composting loo, so only use the paper provided, don't throw anything else in there, no water or cleaning products.  Remember to lock up afterwards. 

Am I allowed to drive down the main path?  - please only do this if you need to load/unload or if you have mobility difficulties. 

Where do plotters get woodchips from? - We get regular loads of chippings which are piled just down the path from the toilet, on the right.  All are welcome to help themselves for pathways etc. on plots.  Best not use direct as a mulch as they will rob nitrogen from the soil as they degrade.

I've seen various items 'left' by the hut - are they up for grabs? - People often leave items they think may be useful to others, ie. plant pots, pallets, slabs etc.  Unless they are marked 'please leave' or similar then usually they are free to help yourself to / share around.  People sometimes make a donation in the shop if they take a lot of something.  A rabbit breeder regularly leaves bags of waste hutch bedding which is great added to the compost heap as an activator.

Should I shut the gate if I've seen others go through and leave it open, or it's already open when I arrive? - The ONLY times the gate should be left open are during shop hours (10-12 weekends, 2-4 Wednesdays).  We are constantly asking people to be consistent about shutting (and locking) the gate at all other times.  We have to insist on this as the colony has been targeted by thieves/vandals in the past and this is our first line of defence.  We really appreciate everyone's cooperation in this matter.

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