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Posted by Bridget on 16/08/2018

Free greenhouse available (located in Mickle Trafford) for anyone who can dismantle and transport as soon as possible (today is 16 Aug 18), it must be gone by end of bank hol weekend. Contact Bridget on 07814 475466 if you seriously want it.

Posted by Sue Caroe on 10/07/2018

There are a fantastic number of Scarecrows to be viewed and judged at our Allotment Open Day on Sunday 15th July, to follow on from the Low Level Red Barrows we have another treat for those that visit us on the day. All welcome, bring your friends and families and spread the word!

Posted by WILLIAM TRINDER on 26/06/2018

Janine, Try Debs on 16 - she is something of a squirrel when it comes to glass Bill T

Posted by Janine Heritage on 18/06/2018   Email

Hello, does anyone have any pieces of greenhouse glass 2ftx2ft and 18inchesx2ft? Only need a few pieces to replace a broken ones. Thanks in anticipation. Janine- Plot 34

Posted by Janine Heritage on 18/06/2018   Email

Hello, does anyone have any pieces of greenhouse glass 2ftx2ft and 18inchesx2ft? Only need a few pieces to replace a broken ones. Thanks in anticipation. Janine- Plot 34

Posted by Janine Heritage on 18/06/2018   Email

Hello, does anyone have any pieces of greenhouse glass 2ftx2ft and 18inchesx2ft? Only need a few pieces to replace a broken ones. Thanks in anticipation. Janine- Plot 34

Posted by WILLIAM TRINDER on 21/05/2018   Email

The next CWAC/HAGA Plot Inspections will be on 4th June, or shortly thereafter

Posted by WILLIAM TRINDER on 20/04/2018

The water will be turned on tomorrow. Please look out for any leaking or blocked taps

Posted by Lisa on 31/01/2018   Email

Hi, does anyone know if the council does soil improver? It was the composted green waste from the fortnightly collection and you used to be able to get it delivered in bulk. Thanks

Posted by David (web master) on 15/11/2017

Regarding cats and the law, please check on our HOME page for details

Posted by Bill Trinder on 15/11/2017   Email

Last week I found a patch of newly planted garlic had been disturbed and the corms scattered. Looking at the fiotprints and at what had been deposited in the soft compost, it appears the culprit was a cat with a bowel problem. As we are clamping down on loose dogs, am I in my right to strangle any stray cats in the colony,

Posted by Bill Trinder on 17/10/2017   Email

We will be turning the water off at the end of the month. Please top up your tanks before then

Posted by Amanda Flewitt on 30/07/2017   Email

Good morning, I am asking for your help on behalf of my nephew who is working on a charity children's sensory garden project and is looking for donations of fragrant flowers and old tyres. As my allotment is new I haven't grown anything but I wondered if anyone on the allotment could help out at all? Thanks for your help in advance

Posted by Sara on 20/05/2017   Email

My aunt has an aluminium greenhouse 8 x 6. This is going for free but needs dismantling and collecting. From guilden sutton area. Please e.mail if anyone is interested.

Posted by Richard on 16/03/2017

Wooden Summer House/Shed has been taken, thank you.

Posted by Richard on 15/03/2017

Wooden Summer House/Shed with perspex windows, roof needs attention, sides in good condition. 8'W x 8'D x 8.5'H. Collector to dismantle and take away for free. Huntington, Chester.

Posted by David (Web master) on 10/02/2017

The 100th Anniversary Open Day 2017 is on Sunday 16th July. The date has been added to the home page of this site as well Thanks for your comment.

Posted by Sara on 09/02/2017

Hi committee, Do you have a date for the open day celebration so we know when item's are needed (in case any of us have holidays booked).

Posted by Bridget on 19/01/2017

Site looking good David! Thanks for sorting it out.

Posted by Andrea Hallissey on 07/01/2017   Email


Posted by Phil Hudson on 25/12/2016   Email

Hi This will be my 4th year.I planted a few apple trees,a cherry tree and 2 x yellow plum trees.I could with some advice regarding pruning.Pop down to plot 95 there most Sundays or e-mail..many thanks Phil

Posted by Linda Webb on 24/09/2016   Email

We would all like to thank Bridget for getting the site and facebook page up and running at the start of our venture into all things digital. Bridget is not able to continue with this role and we wish her well with her business and projects for the future. We would like to welcome David as the webmaster, and give him our support in the developing the website.He is keen to get us all more involved through the initiatives he is keen to get up and running. Ann Charlton will be giving a hand with our Facebook Page we can make best use of it. Thanks for volunteering Ann. Linda

Posted by David Moulton on 19/09/2016

The forum is now active again and the web master will be monitoring all posts and will assist contributes to gain an appropriate response. Please use this valuable tool.

Posted by Bill Trinder on 02/08/2016   Email

Can we have this website updated -still advertising the Open day!!

Posted by Geofrey McLaughlan on 21/07/2016   Email

Could you please tell me the date and time of the next meeting to be held at HCC as I would like to attend. All the best Geoff

Posted by Chris on 16/07/2016

Is anyone experienci g very poor yeild on peas and beans this year? ALso carrots?

Posted by Bill Trinder on 13/07/2016   Email

Kynne, I will inspect your plot and, if possible, spray the Horsetail.If anyone else is concerned about Horsetail, please contact your HAGA area rep or me. Bill Trinder, plot 17

Posted by Lynne Hampson on 12/07/2016   Email

Marestail is coming ever closer to my plot (144). There is some on the adjacent long narrow plot, near the main path.

Posted by Maureen Sheridan on 15/04/2016   Email

I'm sad to announce the death of my much loved Dad Peter Hoban, Irish Pete, a long time Hoole allotment holder on Tuesday 12 April. He loved his time on his allotment and enjoyed the companionship of everyone at Hoole. Funeral service is at St Werburgh's Catholic Church on Wednesday 20 April at 12 o'clock followed by burial at Balcon Cemetery and a celebration of his life at St Werburgh's Parish Centre in Brook Street. All will be most welcome to come and help us celebrate his wonderful life. My thanks to you all for making his time at the allotment so special. Maureen Sheridan

Posted by Jerri Gayjrgay@cableone.net on 24/03/2016   Email

Looking for comfrey plants or roots

Posted by Gail Ellwood on 30/12/2015   Email

Hi I am relocating to Hoole this coming year and would like to know where the allotments are and how I would go about accessing one. Many thanks Gail

Posted by John P on 29/12/2015

2 8x6 sheds for sale: 1 good complete with concrete posts for base £120 1 needs some remedial work £40.00 Buyer to collect (from Hoole Lane) Please call John on 0782 5751353

Posted by Rosemary Hughes on 04/12/2015   Email


Posted by Phil on 26/09/2015   Email

Hi Is there anybody from the Colony who hires a Strimmer for the day.Ive not had the time over the last 3 months to maintain my plot so the weeds have overtaken the paths.A strimmer will be a lot of help rediscover my raised beds! ect.many thanks in advance.Phil 07917879464

Posted by Carol on 08/09/2015

I live backing onto the allotment and have aheavily laden pear tree (no idea of variety) Do you know of anyone who might like to pick them all before they drop off and take away the harvest?

Posted by bridget on 20/07/2015

Hi Janine You are most welcome to become a HAGA member. If you can get to the colony Sat or Sun between 10-12, you can fill in a joining form at the trading hut and get to know what's going on. Bridget plot 163

Posted by Janine Heritage on 19/07/2015

Hello, I don't have an allotment but I do have a small back garden in which I have started growing fruit and vegetables. I would love to join your group but don't know how to go about it. I live in Littleton. Who do I get in touch with please?

Posted by Tez Lopez on 16/07/2015   Email

I have taken advice from my daughter who lives in Liverpool and manages an allotment there to seek out out renting one in Chester. I have recently started a raw food and juicing diet which requires as much organic food as possible. I find it very difficult to live with this new lifestyle because of supermarket prices on organic food. I am of course a complete novice when comes to gardening but, I would certainly make every effort to do well at it. I live in the city at 48 Oulton Place, ch13eh and my contact number is 07734 379740... Could you advice me on how to rent a plot? With respects, Tez Lopez

Posted by Bill Trinder on 13/07/2015   Email

Amy, contact Andy James of CWAC, details on home page. He holdsthe waiting list. There are vacant half plots. Bill T, plot 17

Posted by Amy Freeman on 11/07/2015   Email

Hello there, I have recently moved to a flat in Hoole and was wondering if there were any plots going at the moment? And if so, how can I go about getting one? Thank you, Amy.2525

Posted by Sarah on 13/06/2015

A number of us are planning to buy second hand IBC's for water storage on our plots (details here : http://www.dvcontainers.co.uk/category.asp?catID=3). Each one holds 1000 litres and costs approx £55 excluding delivery. If you are interested in buying one and sharing delivery costs, please see Paul on plot 92 by Wednesday 24th June at the latest. Strictly cash up front!

Posted by Chris on 30/05/2015

looking for greenhouse glass if anyone is dismantling old greenhouse please. thanks

Posted by Louise on 05/05/2015

Hi, does the Hut still have a rotivator that plotholders can use? Thanks

Posted by Chris on 01/04/2015

Message for people looking for manure: If you haven't already got sorted, there may be a phone number on the wall in the shop.

Posted by chris on 01/04/2015

lots of gale damage to sheds, greenhouses and poly tunnels, may be a good idea to check yours

Posted by Dave and Claire on 26/02/2015   Email

We need manure urgently, can anyone help?

Posted by chris on 17/11/2014

break in in sheds last night, Sunday 16th, may be best to check your shed, looks been hacksaws, looks like looking for power tools

Posted by June and Andy Harrison on 27/10/2014   Email

I have noticed we have bees living in a mound of earth on our allotment (don't know what type). This mound is situated where we want to put our veg beds. We would like to move the bees together with their home to a more convenient spot. We do not want to get rid of the bees as they are valuable pollinators. Can anyone advise us as to whether this is possible or not and if so when is the best time to do this?

Posted by Bill Trinder on 13/10/2014   Email

Can we have the September Newsletter and the committee mugshot poster on the website

Posted by Bridget on 23/08/2014   Email

Hi Jo and June/Andy - welcome to the colony! keep an eye on the notice board / trading hut counter for shed offers. Pallets - might be able to acquire some soon - will bear you in mind. Also consider builder bulk bags for weeds/compost - Bridget

Posted by June and Andy Harrison on 23/08/2014   Email

We have just aquired an allotment and need a shed to keep some tools in. Ideally we would like one 8ft x 6ft but would consider any size.

Posted by Jo Chidlow on 27/07/2014

Hi, we have just got a new plot, just wondering if anyone has an oil drum we could borrow/ have. We have too many weeds to get into our car!! Also any spare pallets? Thanks :)

Posted by Bill Trinder on 26/07/2014   Email

Sara/Bridget, Both fair comments. We will take these into account in our discussions with CWAC Bill T

Posted by Bridget on 25/07/2014   Email

Another thought...currently allotments are 'on trend' and everyone wants one, hence long waiting list. If in future too many lose interest and plots stay vacant, we could have a deficit of rental income ??

Posted by sara on 23/07/2014

Well, let me start the ball rolling....I was wondering who would be responsible for the cutting of the main hedge that leads up to the top of the plots. If CWAC are not responsible for this task then it could be rather expensive if plotholders have to fund this.

Posted by Linda Webb on 23/07/2014

The information will be posted Wednesday Bill. Committee members need to give agreement to any personal information that goes up on the noticeboards or on the website. Linda.

Posted by Bill Trinder on 22/07/2014   Email

Linda, Can we have an updated list of Committee Members, with plot numbers,on this website, such that plotholders can contact their 'local' Member for info on self-management

Posted by Andrea a Hallissey on 22/06/2014   Email

Would you consider adding along with your NSALG link the North West Counties Allotment Association website NWCAllotmentAssociation.com ThNks Thanks

Posted by Bill Trinder on 12/05/2014

The About us page is still talking about 2013 subs, and the Committee list is out-of-date

Posted by stephen j jones on 08/04/2014   Email

A Mr David Mathews of Guilden Sutton came in into the shop and asked if anyone was interested in assisting the digging of a vegetable plot at his home. He plans to plant potatoes and broadbeans. If anyone is interested, you can contact him on Guilden Sutton 300 356.

Posted by Tom Coventry on 05/04/2014   Email

Hi, we are a young married couple who have recently moved to Hoole. We would love to become involved with the Hoole Allotments and was wondering whether there was anyone who needed some help with their allotment or maybe had too much allotment for their requirements. We offer strong backs, our own tools, enthusiasm, GSH and keen willingness to learn from the more experienced. Please email if any interest.

Posted by Bill Trinder on 15/02/2014   Email

Various sheds blown over and glass broken this morning! Check your plot.

Posted by Bridget on 31/01/2014

She sure will - no time like the present!

Posted by Bill Trinder on 31/01/2014   Email

Would our 'WebMistess' consider putting an additional item in the home page 'jobs to do', about using the hardcore to fill potholes in the roadways

Posted by Bill Trinder on 19/01/2014   Email

A load of crushed hardcore has been provided by HAGA ( NOT the council) and tipped in the car park area adjacent to Plot 1. Would nearby tenants 'do their bit' by placing harcore in the potholes along the roadway

Posted by Anthony on 08/01/2014   Email

Poly carb or toughened glass greenhouse which would you recommend please

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony spokesperson on 03/01/2014   Email

Dear Plotters - Happy New Year. Unfortunately, Kingsway colony has suffered theft of equipment purchased by grant monies and 10 sheds have been vandalised. Please check your sheds for break ins and also for damage after the storms

Posted by Andrea Hallissey on 04/12/2013   Email

Please take a look at our new website www.westcheshireallotmentfederation.com We are here to support plot holders around the West Cheshire area

Posted by Phil Hudson on 03/12/2013   Email

Hi,I have just recently taken on and cleared a full plot, I am now on the look out for a used 8' x 6' shed. If anybody can help please let me know. Many thanks.

Posted by Eric Fletcher on 26/11/2013   Email

I met two of your committee members at the Chester Voluntary Action AGM a few weeks ago and I was wondering whether there may be an opportunity for HAGA and RECORD to work together? We are about to start to work on a collaborative project called the Cheshire Bee Project and wondered whether you and your members might be interested.

Posted by carol on 01/11/2013

Just wondering if anyone else along the borders have problems with their neighbours tossing things they don't want over the fence? Or is it just me? Have had problems with one house on Canadian Ave for years and now their next door neighbour has started too... I did shout - I really hope it wont happen again!

Posted by Bridget on 09/10/2013

Now you can 'find us on Facebook'. www.facebook.com/hooleallotments Use it to post comments / photos etc.

Posted by Nannychris on 28/09/2013

Hi, just wondering if anyone has access to wooden pallets that we could use on our new allotment please?

Posted by nanny chris on 21/09/2013

Hi all, looking to purchase a tiller for our new plot and wondered if anyone could personally recommend a decent one, also, where applicable the ones to avoid? Also, anyone experienced Mantis? thanks for reading

Posted by Amanda on 29/07/2013   Email

Hello, I have had my name on the waiting list for 18 months so far. Do you have volunteers that help with the allotments?

Posted by Lois Lee on 09/07/2013   Email

Check out our plots! Linden Grove Allotments, Hoole --- We're mainly newbies, working on land that has been left dormant/neglected/abandoned for decades. Lots of girlpower on our allotments. Lois

Posted by Dave on 06/07/2013   Email

Does anyone have any edging boards they dont want. I have a new plot and want to start boarding beds. Please email me thanks Dave

Posted by Mark Shaw on 25/06/2013   Email

Hi I'm Secretary of Dial Park Allotments in Stockport & am visiting Chester this Friday/Saturday for a friends wedding.Heard about your site & the shop & wonder if its possible I can visit to see what you are doing as always looking for tips to improve.Thanks

Posted by Bridget on 24/06/2013   Email

Hi David STrimmer - Chris Caroe looks after it - I'll alert him to your request (or his no. is on the hut page). All suggestions about the website, bearing in mind it's a free web package with BT community kit, therefore limited to their templates. If you like, email me and we can arrange to have a look at it. Thanks Bridget

Posted by Dave on 24/06/2013   Email

Can someone tell me who (and tel no) to book the HAGA petrol strimmer please

Posted by Dave on 23/06/2013   Email

Just been allocated a plot after 5 year wait yippee. Already met some very helpful people. Looking forward to tackling my jungle. Meanwhile I was interested to look through this site as Im a web designer. I think the guest book could be replaced with a blog widget like this http://davidtaylorwebmedia.com/pccwidget.html That way all the comments and conversations can be clustered together around each thread

Posted by Alice on 11/06/2013   Email

We dug over our allotment (Linden Grove area) for the first time and then saw lots of bees going into the holes between the clods of earth a few days later. I planted the potatoes in the rest of the patch where they weren't going in but not really sure what to do about them. Any tips? I guess I need to protect the nest until next summer now, maybe I need to find a different part for growing potatoes... Thanks, Alice

Posted by Bridget on 12/04/2013

Thanks Gemma, the compost bin will certainly be most useful at the plots. I can come and collect and put it up for grabs. I will email you to arrange. Thanks, Bridget

Posted by Gemma on 11/04/2013   Email

Hi, would a black compost bin be of use to any allotmenters? We have recently made one from pallets so this is surplus to requirements. I think it's 220 litres. It's missing the cover at the bottom as this got broken a while ago, but a new one could be made out of plywood or similar perhaps. We're on Pine Grove, can be collected evenings or weekends to suit. Please drop me an email if you're interested.

Posted by Paula Pritchard on 03/03/2013

If anyone knows of someone who would like to share my plot, please let them have my number 01244 314621 evenings and weekends

Posted by ann charlton on 18/02/2013   Email

has anyone ideas on how to reduce mare's tail.... i spent most of last 2 seasons trying to reduce it not helped by 104a & 105 are not being worked and its heavy on these plots, if there's something that's been tried and may work can you let me know ... thanks 07966 220150

Posted by Bridget on 13/02/2013

Oh Carol! We were at the back but you weren't to know that. Thanks for coming anyway - we were a small yet select group!

Posted by Carol on 12/02/2013

Sorry I was not at the AGM, I did come down to the community centre a little after 7.30, I found the dogwalkers and yoga but not AGM!

Posted by Bill Trinder on 11/02/2013   Email

How about a few loads of stone/planings to repair the potholes in the roadways. If the loads are dumped where the chippings are left, Holders can spread it into the ruts Bill T Plot 17A

Posted by Linda Webb on 10/02/2013

I haven't been able to do a mass circulation of this message,but, if you haven't been up to the allotments this morning, you will want to know that Chris has arranged the annual delivery of horse manure for today. Frank and Liz were on duty at the shop, but Chris wants to have the usual 'honesty box' arrangement..£1 a barrowload for any members who need it for their plots.Thanks Chris!Linda.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 22/01/2013   Email

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry to say the New Year has started badly as the vandals have visited the site over the weekend 19th/20th January. Apparently, several sheds near the main entrance appear to have been tampered with. Please check. Several tools were also found near the main gate and have been stored in the trading hut for safely and collection. Many thanks to Steve on 108 for his help.

Posted by Mike 79B on 22/11/2012   Email

I hadn't been for at least a month to be honest, so i suppose its expected. Just having a moan because i am dissappointed. i have been chipping away at my plot job for 18mths now, and i haven't needed to lock my shed...until now that is. ok no more moaning,diggin to do.

Posted by Bridget plot 163 on 21/11/2012

That's unfortunate. How long is it since you've been to the plot? As for the chicken, we have had a lot of vandalism and break ins - could the chicken be one that was let out perhaps? Hope this will not put you off too much!

Posted by Mike 79B on 20/11/2012   Email

Looking to get stuck in on me plot.oh dear..Had two large black plastic sheets once.....one has gone now.Also i had two 5' x 3' wooden raised planters...they are gone too.i am a bit cheesed off....turn around to find a rancid dead chicken full of maggots in a paper bag left for me sort out..thanks folks, just what i needed.

Posted by ann on 17/11/2012   Email

i ve heard that police have spoken to a few local youths about damage and other activities on the site.

Posted by ann on 17/11/2012   Email

hi Linda thanks for info on marestail, would be glad to get involved, and attempt to get rid of at least some plot 103. Its quite heavy on a few plots just before mine. ann

Posted by Linda Webb on 13/11/2012   Email

Hi everyone, but particularly if your plot is affected by Horsetail/Marestail. I've finally got together methods and treatments that are available to gardeners who want to fight it on their patch...with a view to eradication, of course. I'm going to ask Bridget to post a notice and information on the site, copies will go to noticeboards,too. Would those who are having big problems, trying to prevent its relentless spread on the colony be interested in networking to have a joint effort? If you would be, and use this board, could you post a message and your plot number? I'll put you in touch, then. Colin has found something green and effective, but there are a range of methods. Linda.

Posted by Dave (plot 30A) on 10/11/2012   Email

Shed broken into on 8 or 9/11/12 - secateurs, multi-tool and hammer taken. Reported to police. I noticed that Phil's shed on 30B had also be broken into.

Posted by jo (plot 16) on 10/11/2012

Again we have had vandalism on our plot. (no16).... greenhouse has been smashed (6 panes) with bricks and an attempt to force open the shed failed this time.... chairs have been left there so whomever it is, they are sitting around smoking whatever and damaging property just for the sake of it....This happenened Thursday evening (8/11/12)after 3pm and before 10.30 am Friday (9/11/12).....I informed the police and CSI came out today (Sat 10/11/12) whilst i was there to take photos and evidence that was left...a swiss army type knife was used and left behind so if anyone is missing this item, the police now have it...

Posted by sara on 09/11/2012   Email

Found in the large water tank on the main path a blackhandled fork and a nearly new pair of Wilkos shears. I'll put them in the shop over the weekend when its open.

Posted by sara on 09/11/2012   Email

Feeding the chooks this morning the nearby plot 68 has had its lock cut off, possibly done last night as I didn't notice it yesterday.

Posted by Sarah on 05/11/2012

With reference to the vandalism on the night of the 23rd October - my shed was tipped onto its roof and everything inside is smashed/ in turmoil. Managed to get it upright with help on the 24th, but didn't report at the time as was literally on my way to a holiday. Sarah plot 54

Posted by jude plot 94 on 03/11/2012   Email

I've put my seed order and cheque in the trading hut mailbox as the shop was closed this morning. Hope this is ok, I won't be able to get over there again before the deadline on the 7th.

Posted by jude plot 94 on 28/10/2012

Visited this afternoon at 3.30. Found the gate unlocked and no-one in sight.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 24/10/2012   Email

Dear tenants - there has been a spate of vandalism on the colony over the last 24 hours. Some pallets have been set alight resulting in the fire brigade being called out. Two greenhouses have been smashed and one chicken coop door smashed and the chickens released. Please check your sheds and greenhouses for damage. Please e.mail me or report any damage to the Police on 101

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 05/10/2012   Email

Dear All - I am afraid the vandals have been on the colony overnight. It has been reported to the police. Please check your sheds for damage and report to the police on 101 so they can get an idea of the extent of the damage. The Sheds on Plots 67, 66 look as if they have been tampered with

Posted by sara on 05/10/2012   Email

Just to say there were problems on the site last night. Our chickens had the door cut open but luckily none got out and I think its Lisa who has plot 85, some of your greenhouse glass has been broken with canes. Julie, Honore and Paul - your birds are OK.

Posted by Linda Webb on 22/09/2012

We opened on September 16th, and I would like to thank Steve Jones for volunteering to open up on September 30th. I've been doing shop duty for years and it is very enjoyable. I get to meet other allotmenteers and gardeners, and get tips on growing and chats about how things are going.Hope you will consider joining the team for a couple of hours each month or so. Linda.

Posted by Helen on 20/09/2012   Email

Hello, I was wondering if you have some sort of scheme or something similar that I can be involved in where I help out people with a plot, in trade for produce and knowledge. We move house a lot so starting my own plot would be pointless and I'm sure you have an affinity long waiting list. So could I help anyone out? I have knowledge, been working on a community allotment for a year now. Look forward to hearing back. Helen

Posted by Chris on 14/09/2012

Hi Everyone The over wintering onions are now in stock. I have also bought in more ground cover so that once your studs etc are out you can cover up the ground ready for next year. The seed brochures will be in shortly so please remember to pick them up and order your seeds for next year. The quality is great and the prices are rock bottom!! Happy gardening! Chris Hut Manager

Posted by Chris on 05/09/2012

During the month of September we do not have enough volunteers to keep the shop open all month, so on the following days the shop will be closed. Sunday 16 September and 30 September. We are keen to train up new volunteers to try and avoid this happening too often. Are there any of you out there if you would be interested in helping out in the shop please contact Chris on 01244 318200. thank you.

Posted by Andrea Hallissey on 12/08/2012   Email

Hi I am the secretary of our Association Highfield gardening association .We are in Blacon and started up the association last year.Now we have some money behind us after a couple of stalls a fun days,we are looking to start a shop.Small at first I popped into the trading hut this morning and the lady there gave me he names of Christ and Sue to contact with regard to my questions I'd lke your advise as to sourcing stock.Being only 22 in number buying from a wholesaler is not an option due to he small amounts needed.Garden centres have been no help. We would like to ask if it would be possible to order through you ? As it is the delivery charges that would kill us at he moment.I believe it is £4.50 to join your club which we would be pleased to pay if you could consider our request Thanks for your time Andrea Hallissey

Posted by L Jones on 01/08/2012

Chris, Thanks for the pallets. They are much appreciated. Mrs Peartree (74A)

Posted by sara on 22/07/2012   Email

Just been to feed the chooks and noticed that the door of shed plot 80b is completely off its hinges. If anyone knows this gentleman could they let him know please.

Posted by Simon on 11/07/2012

Does anyone hire out a strimmer, or know where I can hire one to try to keep my unkempt paths under conrtol - as soon as possible? Many thanks

Posted by L Jones on 05/07/2012

I've just left the allotments at twenty to ten at night (thursday 5th July) and someone on the allotments was using a petrol strimmer. I felt embarassed walking past neighbours on Canadian avenue. It was very noisy.

Posted by sara on 02/07/2012   Email

Hi Jo, just to say that a gentleman from Pine Grove heard breaking glass this last friday (29th) at about 11.00 pm. He did call the police but they did not call back to say whether or not they had called at the plot. Friday night was races night and it may be they were busy but it was reported.

Posted by jo on 28/06/2012   Email

again our plot(16) seems to be a meeting point for whomever is breaking into sheds on the site. Our shed was forced open with someones garden fork (in our shed now if anyone is missing a fork)Nothing has been stolen but some produce was trampled on & damaged. 5 chairs were used & a disposable barbeque & obvious butt end remnants were left...be aware as last time this happened bricks were put through our greenhouse & water butts were emptied....i think this happened friday nite

Posted by Bridget on 12/06/2012

Phew, glad you got them ok! That was a handy safety pin on keyring :)

Posted by Lynda Jones on 11/06/2012

Just a note to say that I have retrieved my keys. They were very cleverly camouflaged and I really appreciated not having to wait for the shop to open before getting them back. Many Thanks!

Posted by Lynda Jones on 10/06/2012   Email

Bridget, Thank you! And thanks to whoever handed the keys in. I came in the gate and someone said they were just going out, so I left the gate and left the keys in the lock. I'll be down in the morning to collect them. I feel really lost without them. Many thanks, Lynda Jones (plot 74A)

Posted by Bridget on 10/06/2012

Found keys (no. 53 toilet key) left in gate yesterday (Sat). I pinned them on the hut door.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 10/06/2012   Email

Dear Plotters - I am afraid the vandals have returned. Damage to crops and sheds has been reported to me. Seems to have place over last Thursday and Friday. Please check your plots. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered vandalism please inform the police on 101 so that can keep a track of events. Many thanks

Posted by Annie on 01/06/2012   Email

Please can you advise, if we order from Kings Seeds directly, do we just order as individuals, or can we order as members of an Allotment Society? I can't remember if we were given a log in number. Thank you.

Posted by Lynda Jones on 24/04/2012

Hi,further to the vandals being back, I have just been to my allotment, plot 170 this morning, after an absense of a couple of weeks, and found my shed has been broken into and my petrol strimmer/brushcutter has been stolen along with a pair of pink gardening gloves. (I know I shouldn't have left it in there but it was really heavy to carry back and forth) If anyone has seen anything can you post on here please. I am now about to report it to police. Bridget I agree about the payment system - really annoying !!

Posted by Bridget on 18/04/2012   Email

I don't think much of the new system for payments - can't do it online anymore, hence the reason it slipped my mind. Got a reminder notice today 'if I don't pay by Monday a notice to quit...will be issued'. Hrrmph! I phoned and was told this is how it is now etc. He didn't bother to take my name. So they can have an old fashioned cheque from me. They haven't even got an email to respond to. Rant over and out.

Posted by sara on 12/04/2012   Email

Honore, I've closed and locked the gate twice last week about 7.00p.m. when going to the field. Wide open and not a car in sight.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 10/04/2012   Email

Hi everyone - I am afraid the vandals and trespassers are back with us. Please be aware and alert. The number to report incidents to the police is now 101. Someone also broke into the chicken coop on Plot 92 over the weekend and one grey chicken is missing. If anyone finds her or knows where she might be please e.mail or ring me. Many thanks

Posted by Gemma on 09/04/2012

Some kids have been lighting bonfires in the wooded area between Pine Grove and Linden Grove this weekend (this has happened before but they were caught in the act of lighting it previously so the fire was put out before it had established). A PCSO came out but of course they all just ran away. If you see any bonfires in that area please contact the police again - we are concerned that if a fire is lit in the wrong place and left unattended again (as it was yesterday), someone's shed or fence, or potentially the trees there which are protected, could catch fire as well.

Posted by Graeme on 30/03/2012   Email

I am after some straw to help me grow some potatoes. Can anyone put me in the right direction. Thanks

Posted by Jude plot94 on 16/03/2012   Email

to Graeme Curry, it's david.chapman@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk I've been in contact successfully recently.

Posted by Chris Caroe on 16/03/2012

A gate key and padlock key on a key ring were found by the gate on Wednesday. I will be in the shop this Sunday if you would like to come and pick them up. Chris

Posted by Mervyn Gardner on 16/03/2012   Email

Lost keys for gate and shed on a small keyring in the gate area on Thursday 15 March. If found please ring 07831202111

Posted by Graeme Curry on 16/03/2012   Email

I have tried to get hold of David Chapmen on the e mail on the web site. It doesn't appear to work can anyone help

Posted by linda webb on 14/03/2012

We need your help if you can spare some time. On Saturday March 17th we're holding our second mass working party on the allotments. Last time we continued work on the Community Orchard Project Plot 71. We are just at the tree planting stage on this plot, so if you are interested, join us and get involved? Some members work on the project as and when they can, keeping in touch with the group as we make progress. Come along Saturday morning at 10. We are there for two hours, at least. We have also started work on a community vegetable and fruit garden behind the shop. A kind member has sourced a second hand shed for us, so we need to prepare a base...this Saturday,too. If you like construction, we need your help...if you have anything we can plant there going spare, all contributions welcome. We need to prune the fruit bushes and establish a hedge. If you can spare an hour, why not come along to see what's happening? If you have any spare flags, we could do with a few. Hope to s

Posted by sara horner on 13/03/2012   Email

Averil, could you give us more info about what would be involved

Posted by Averil Fountain on 12/03/2012   Email

Hi, Novice beekeeper seeks allotmenteer willing to have hive located on their plot.

Posted by Bridget on 25/02/2012

Anyone know where I can get some hazel bean poles locally?

Posted by Jude plot94 on 23/02/2012

Following Linda's post I went to check my shed today, having not been able to get over last weekend, and thankfully all was well. However I would like to point out that on my previous visit last week I found the gate open again and two cars parked, I duly locked it no doubt to someone's annoyance!

Posted by Linda Webb on 20/02/2012

When I was up at the allotments yesterday, we discovered that sheds had been damaged and glass in greenhouses had been smashed by intruders..this happened between 4p.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning. The police attended to look at what we could see, but I think that there may be other problems. If you could check your plots and let the police know, it will help them to deal with the situation. The number is 0845 458 0000. Our incident number is 19.2.12 413, and the officer who came out said to quote this so that all the information can be kept together. The officer said that we are on a higher level of response because our problems are continuing. If you have had any problems as a result of the intruders'visit, let the police know. Thanks for your support for this. Linda.

Posted by Linda Webb on 18/02/2012

Hi all, Chris Caroe has been able to get a delivery of horse manure delivered..it should be at the allotments by Sunday(19th)afternoon. £1 a barrowload to members in the usual way. Chris can't be at the allotments Sunday, but I'll be there if you need any help. I'm on plot 141. Thank goodness the weather forecast is improving for tomorrow.

Posted by Bridget on 08/02/2012

Thanks Sue! How did you know... :-)

Posted by Sue on 08/02/2012

Happy Birthday Bridget for Friday - wishing you a lovely day.

Posted by Fed up on 29/01/2012

So much for re-doing all my washing! Another fire, more smoke along Hoole Lane.

Posted by Fed up on 28/01/2012

Cheers for the smoke pouring over the fence into gardens and houses on Hoole Lane again. Having to redo all my washing - again! Why continue to burn stuff when you can see that the plume is causing a nuisance???

Posted by chris wedge on 22/01/2012

two green plastic chairs found, could have blown towards plot 72 in last gales. Will leave by shop after Monday 23 Jan.

Posted by Bridget on 20/01/2012

Hi there. Rental of plots is managed by the council and there is a waiting list, though not sure how many are currently on it. You need to phone 0151 356 6992 (Rose Millington) .

Posted by simon alexander on 19/01/2012   Email

who can i contact about renting a plot thanks

Posted by Melanie on 07/01/2012   Email

Missing from plot 142, two white plastic stacking garden chairs. Possibly blown around but now nowhere in sight. Has anyone seen them? Found on plot 142, a very large green bucket with rope handles, put in shed for safe keeping. I'll take it down to the shop next time I'm around when it's open. Melanie

Posted by Lisa plot 86 on 05/01/2012   Email

I was up on Tuesday (3rd Jan) and the metal shed on one of the plot's on the left hand (north) side of the main track has been blown near to the community orchard plot and may move again if the high winds continue. Not sure what number but a couple of plots nearer to the car park from Sue & Chis'.

Posted by ann 103 on 04/01/2012   Email

many thanks to Paul and Linda for contacting me about my greenhouse going a bit dizzy, hope it stays where it is now for a while

Posted by jo conway on 03/01/2012

hi sara....have reported as you advised....Thankyou and Happy New Year to all.

Posted by sara on 29/11/2011   Email

Hi Jo. Have you phoned the police to let them know. They need to know and are very interested in the drug use and are popping into the site at odd times during the evening. The more evidence they have, hopefully they will keep up the 'watch'

Posted by jo conway on 28/11/2011   Email

our plot, 16, has had visitors! panes of glass smashed with bricks, produce stamped on & general stuff chucked around....nothing stolen as everything secure. evidence of drug use & drinking....plot holders beware!

Posted by sara on 10/11/2011   Email

Going to feed the chicks this morning and the lock on the shed of plot 63 has been forced open. Pretty sure it was not like that yesterday as I went past there and did not notice. More late night visitors.

Posted by Bridget 163 on 08/11/2011   Email

Really sorry to hear that Julie.

Posted by julie minion on 08/11/2011   Email

Our plot 70 has been targeted, the greenhose was attacked glass broken on the door, obvious signs of drug use.This morning 8/11/11 Mick found all our chickens running free he managed to catch them all but the damaged to the chicken run door ( wire cutters had been used to make a hole). I feel it does not matter whether the gate is locked, the gate is easily scaled and there is access at the bak near Pipers Lane

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 07/11/2011   Email

Thank you to everyone who has been reporting the break ins. Please keep it up. The police assure me they are patrolling the area. Please keep an eye out for any loose chickens as they have been targeting the hen coops.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 07/11/2011   Email

Ian forgot to say in my telephone message that you can send your seeds independently if you wish

Posted by Ian L.H. Cook on 06/11/2011   Email

Hi I would like to order seeds for next year. When is the latest I can do that? Land line 01244 344 536 I jioned 29/1/11 and would like to renew the membership

Posted by Bridget on 03/11/2011   Email

A reminder of the number to report to the police 0845 458 0000.

Posted by sara on 02/11/2011   Email

Carol the posts do not appear automatically anymore. think they have to be approved before being posted. Melanie, I think the police cannot prosecute anyone if your shed is not locked but they do note the matter and it helps them to build a picture where vandals are damaging property and hopefully be more vigilant so it is important that ALL breakins are reported (no matter how insignificant you think it is). I have had to report several thefts etc and the police are very, very sympathetic to our reports.

Posted by carol plot168 on 02/11/2011

I'm trying to post, but doesn't appear to have worked, but if by some sheer flook I post this twice please ignore one. Chris has had a break in on his plot, don't know his number, next to melanie and frank. I found a fork and a spade on the path and have left them next to his hut. They may be your melanie?

Posted by Bridget on 02/11/2011

Thanks Annie, we'll get it.

Posted by Annie Bellinger on 01/11/2011   Email

Our seed order is in the letter box on the shed, as we couldn't make shop opening times. Thank you. Annie and Graham 131B

Posted by Jude plot94 on 31/10/2011

My shed was visited sometime between 23rd and 28th, nothing taken or damaged but stuff moved and a cigarette end on the floor.I don't keep the door locked any more due to cost of replacing locks, but it's annoying all the same.

Posted by Melanie plot 142 on 31/10/2011   Email

Hi, we had theft/damage over the weekend too, am now missing a green handled dutch hoe, a large brown handled fork, a green hose trigger gun and a green and black hand fork. Our beds were trampled on too, large footprints everywhere. Am I right in assuming that I can't report this to the police as my shed isn't secure (doesn't even have a door)? Thanks to whoever returned my spade to the shed. Melanie plot 142

Posted by sara on 30/10/2011   Email

More break ins last night (sat) including our chickens again. Several tools including spade, hoe, rake and a 3 pronged rake found on plot at the back of plot 83. All put in the trading hut for safe keeping.

Posted by Jude plot94 on 29/10/2011

Tried to put a post on last night, failed.Am I doing something wrong?

Posted by sara on 27/10/2011

We found a green handkled spade and fork (with a bent sprong) and these have been handed into the trading hut at the weekend . found close to plot 83

Posted by stephen J Jones on 27/10/2011   Email

A carving knife was found on the Community Orchard plot. If you believe it is yours, you can claim it at the Trading Hut. A pair of tree loppers was also found on the Community Orchard plot. I will deposit them in the Trading Hut on this coming Saturday morning. If you believe they are yours, you can claim them at the Trading Hut.

Posted by bill trinder on 24/10/2011   Email

As I cannot drop my seed order in during shop hours, I have put thr order form in the letter box attached to the hut. Bill T ( 17A)

Posted by sara on 23/10/2011   Email

Many many thanks to whoever shut our chicks in their coop and helped put lily, the brown chick in the greenhouse after the breakin last night. I reported our breakin to the police and they would like anyone else who had damage done to also phone so they can have an idea of the extent of the damage done.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 22/10/2011   Email

There seems to have been a spate of breakins during Friday night. Could you please check your sheds for damage. If anything has been stolen please report it to the police

Posted by Bridget on 02/10/2011   Email

Hi Annie Yes, all are welcome, local or further afield.

Posted by Annie Bellinger on 30/09/2011   Email

Please can you advise if someone living on the Wirral is able to join Hoole Allotment Assoc. Thank you.

Posted by heather mccann on 15/09/2011   Email

Hi, I am trying to find Chris the beeman. Can you help?

Posted by Heather McCann on 13/09/2011   Email

I am trying to get in touch with chris the bee man.I'm hoping to put a bee hive on our plot and want to know about bees.can you help?

Posted by ann on 06/09/2011   Email

i spoke to group of teenagers about two weeks ago who seemed to be helping themselves to fruit on about 4 plots as they walked through to a plot they said was theirs.... they then helped themselves along the main pathway as they left. the gate was locked so not sure how they got in, but they thought it was funny to be challenged.

Posted by sara horner on 03/08/2011   Email

Maybe a silly question but why would anyone oppose open days. A large amount of money was raised last year by the hardworking committee both for the site and charity.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 25/07/2011   Email

Toolshed for sale. Contact Alan Williams on 01244 677842 £35.00 buyer collects

Posted by pauljones on 06/07/2011   Email

hi how do u deal with none members opposing open days

Posted by Simon Sherlock on 30/06/2011   Email

Hi, Could somebody please email details on your compost toilet? I'm intyeresting in how you have found it in practise, cost, planning issues etc as we are looking to get one for our (admittedly much smaller) allotment of 17 plots. Thanks, Simon

Posted by Colin@plot82 on 24/06/2011   Email

Friday 24th June Have had produce stolen from my plot in the last 24 hours including broad beans, strawberries and one gooseberry bush stripped of all its fruit.Keep vigilant.If anyone saw anything please let me know.

Posted by Richard on 20/06/2011

I lost a mobile phone Sunday 19th June at around 4pm. If anyone has found one could they please leave a post on this guestbook and I will get back to them. Thank you.

Posted by Graham Plot 18 on 19/06/2011

Went to my allotment last weekend to find someone had dumped 2 inches of soil over it. Went there yesterday to find the same thing had happened again ? The plot thickens !!!! (joke)

Posted by Bridget on 08/06/2011   Email

Hi Andrea, nice to hear from you. Have you looked into details via the NSALG website? I think they have lots of up to date info re constitutions. As for ours, I'll see if others more clued up can give any info. You're most welcome to come to our bbq to swap allotment stories and have a look round! Bridget

Posted by andrea hallissey on 08/06/2011   Email

Hi everyone I have a plot on the Blacon allotment site.We are in the process of seting up an association. Any tips about how to go about this. One question can we write up our own constitution or do we nead legal recocnition?

Posted by Chris on 28/05/2011

Greetings one and all!! There are a few seed potatoes left which have been reduced from £3 to £2. It is still not too late to plant them (my main crop are going in today!) so come in and find a bargin! We have almost come to the end of the growbags. We have sold 50 more than last year! Check out the canes, the quality this year is excellent and they are real value for money. Happy digging Chris Shop Manager

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 22/05/2011   Email

If anyone wants a greenhouse, I have a contact. You would have to dismantle and take away yourself. E.mail if you are interested and I will put you in contact.

Posted by sara horner on 06/05/2011   Email

Hi. Not sure what Russian comfrey is but I have the common comfrey if that is any use to you on plot 173.

Posted by Annie on 04/05/2011   Email

Hi, does anyone have any Russian comfrey they'd be willing to give me a root cutting of please? Thank you

Posted by linda webb on 27/04/2011

Hi, everyone,I'd like to thank Mary for the newsletter on its way around, and ask,if anyone can spare an hour or two to help,to come and join the working groups on plot 71 over the weekend of May 7th and 8th. The trees have been sourced by Lisa and Frank, and, once the clearing and fencing are finished, we'll be a long way towards completing our ambitious project. We really need all the help we can muster for the next couple of weeks, by which time we think that the plot could be completely cleared ready for cultivation. It made a big difference to progress when we had the first push in the autumn. Hope you'll join us, or, if the dates don't fit, could we find a time for you? Saturday 10.a.m.to start. thanks for your continuing support for the project. Linda.

Posted by Annie on 23/04/2011   Email

Dear Bridget. I'm not sure if you want political stuff on here. This is a link to Landshare - who are lobbying the government re its plans to scrap the "Allotments Duty" on councils. Apparently consultation ends on Monday - 25th April. Thanks. Annie http://www.landshare.net/news/act-now-to-save-allotments/?utm_campaign=Landshare%2BNewsletter%2B-%2BApril%2B&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email

Posted by Dave Jones on 21/04/2011   Email

Thoughts on poly tunnels on allotment

Posted by Honore Gale Colony Spokesperson on 09/04/2011   Email

Water is back on again! Please report any leaks you might find to me.

Posted by Linda Webb on 07/04/2011

I've invited Anna and committee members to see the the composting toilet and to have a look around.Linda.

Posted by Honore Gale, Colony Spokesperson on 07/04/2011   Email

I am afraid a rather large leak has been discovered in one of the tanks on the colony and the mains water has been turned off temporarily.

Posted by Anna on 04/04/2011   Email

Hi ~ I am the secretary of a local allotment association. We are in the process of applying to Allotments For All for funding so that we can get a composting toilet on site. I came across your details on the manufacturer's website. We wondered whether we i.e. a small number of committee members might be able to visit in the near future to see what you have done and find out more about what is involved.

Posted by Bridget on 01/04/2011   Email

Hi Angela If you mean the manure we had at the colony, it was pretty well rotted so you can certainly use it now if you want by forking some into the soil, or you can put it by until autumn and use it as a mulch.

Posted by Angela Blundell on 31/03/2011   Email

Hi I purchased some of the horse manure a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't smell like cow manure so I am left wondering if I need to store it to dig in in Autumn or could I use it now to improve soil ?

Posted by Honore Gale Colony Spokesperson on 27/03/2011   Email

Some one has found a Rhode Island Red Chicken in Pine Grove and is keeping it safe. If you have lost a chicken! please contact 07801 550 393

Posted by Lynda Jones on 21/03/2011

Re my last post about the compost bin: our allotment is 74 A (Not B). Thanks, Lynda

Posted by Lynda Jones on 20/03/2011

If anyone is missing a large black plastic compost bin, one has ended up on our allotment, 74B. Just come and take it any time.

Posted by sara horner on 20/03/2011   Email

Hi again - have now got some frogspawn.

Posted by sara horner on 20/03/2011   Email

Hi all. We,re making a small wildlife pond with the grandkiddies.Does anyone have or knows where we can get any frogspawn. thanks

Posted by Honore Gale Colony Spokesperson on 15/03/2011   Email

Hi folks - it is nice to see everyone starting on their plots now that we are having a few sunny days. Could I ask if you are having bonfires, especially those plots near to Hoole Lane, that you be careful when you do them and watch how the wind is blowing. Hoole Lane are our neighbours and your consideration would be appreciated.

Posted by taylor on 05/03/2011

Perhaps the residents of Hornbeam Close would stop throwing all their unwanted items, wine bottles, veg peelings, old plants & grass cuttings over the hedges if the plot was in use ??!!

Posted by Lesley George on 28/02/2011   Email

Hello All I've been meaning to get on board with e-mail, now I can find out what's happening. I love our allotment, and am looking forward to a decent Spring! Now then, we have a complaint from a neighbour, I'll post what I have: John Williams of Hornbeam Close has complained that the corner of the allotments which abut his property has been allowed to run to wild. I have looked at the matter from his bedroom window and tend to agree. Can you speak to you contacts on the colony management if the plots is let and quite what the situation is? Could anyone let me know what we have to do to sort this out? Cheers Les

Posted by Honore Gale Colony Spokesperson on 24/02/2011   Email

Hi folks, unfortunately there seems to have been a series of breakins over the last couple of nights. If you could please check your sheds for damage and any possible stolen items. If your shed had a lock and broken into then please report it to the police on 0845 458 0000. Could you also please e.mail me as well so I know how many sheds have been affected.

Posted by Bridget on 20/02/2011   Email

Thanks Steph, I can vouch for the manure - I've had a few loads in the past and was up last weekend getting some bags in!

Posted by Steph Wheway on 19/02/2011   Email

Hi there, just wanted to drop a quick note to all on the allotment. We have lots of well rotted horse manure available - perfect for digging into gardens. Free for anybody who would like to come and collect it!! Just drop me an email to organise.

Posted by Chris on 04/02/2011

Storm damage already evident down at the plot. Friday a.m. David discovered the roof of a shed on a plot close to us on the roadway. He has maaged to drag it off the road, but is unable to refix it. Does anyone have any contact details for Lammy and Paula please? They have a half plot just before the bark chippings.

Posted by Chris on 04/02/2011

Great News!!!! All the potatoes and onions are now in stock. The Charlotte and Ulster Prince now join the rest of the selection in the shop. The red onions are in along with shallots garlic and white onions. The prices are VERY competitive Wilkinson are 2p cheaper for the spuds but their selection is very limited. We are on your doorset after all!!!! I have kept to good quality composts and growbags with no green waste in them. Happy growing! See you at the AGM on Tuesday Chris Hut Manager

Posted by Chris on 30/01/2011

Hi Folks The White Onions and Shallots plus Garlic are now on sale in the shop. Red onions and the Charlotte Potatoes should be end by the end of the week. Watch this space!! Chris Hut Manager

Posted by Chris on 19/01/2011

The Potatoes are in!! First Earlies Arran Pilot, Foremost, Pentland Javelin, Red Duke of York & Rocket Second Earlies Charlotte (due in 4th Feb), Kestrel & Nadine Main Crop Cara, Desiree, International Kidney (Jersey Royal), Kind Edward, Maris Piper, Pink Fir Apple & Valor (due in 4th Feb) The price per 3kg is £3. The onions shallots & garlic will be in on the 4th Feb as well. Happy digging!! Chris Hut Manager

Posted by Linda Webb on 19/01/2011

The Edible Garden Show will be taking place at Stoneleigh Park from March 18th to March 20th 2011. This new event replaces the Royal Agricultural Show and is endorsed by the National Society of Allotments and Gardeners, to which we are affiliated. To find out more, just google it. We discussed the feasibility of getting a group visit, with coach transport, at the January meeting. Day tickets cost £11,concessions £9, children 6-16 £9, under 6 free, one per adult. Coach travel, based upon a 50 seater,would be £10-£12 per seat. If you'd like to go, take a look, and, if you think you would enjoy travelling to the show in a group, let me know, with numbers, and I'll see if it can be made to work. lindamwebb@btinternet.com Linda.

Posted by Chris on 12/01/2011

Happy New Year!! The shop opens this Saturday at 10am. The seed orders will be available for collection and subs can be paid for 2011. The potatoes will be in next week weather permitting and the shelves are now fully stocked again. Best regards Chris Hut Manager

Posted by Chris Minion on 12/01/2011

Hi Graham how many flags do you need? I usually have some available here and there Chris

Posted by Www.pimpmydibber.co.uk on 11/01/2011

Graeme check out freecycle. Always plenty on there

Posted by Graeme Curry Plot 45 on 08/01/2011   Email

I need some Flag Stones to put down a base for a shed. Does anyone have any they don't want. Thanks Graeme

Posted by Honore Gale Colony Spokesperson on 06/01/2011   Email

Happy New Year Plotters here's hoping for a successful growing year. I have however to start the new year off with sadly another warning about break ins to sheds. A few seem to have been tampered with over Sunday/Monday. If you could check your sheds and report any damage or missing items to the Police that would be a great help. The number is 0845 4580000. Please add Shutting the Gate to the Colony to the top of your New Year Resolution List!

Posted by Sue on 04/01/2011

We have just been given two double-glazed units that have been taken out of a house to make a cold frame, and we probably only need one of them. Is anyone else interested? Comment here if so. We could probably get hold of some more as well.

Posted by willrichben on 18/12/2010   Email

www.pimpmydibber.co.uk is now live. Hoole plotters willrichben are the three blokes, with one allotment and no idea. The site is a chronology of frequent plot failures, sneaky ales and sheds. Feel free to take a look and/or follow us on twitter @pimpmydibber

Posted by Chris Sullivan on 14/12/2010   Email

As Hoole Colony novice beekeeper/internet user,I am encouraging interested people to chat and learn with me.Feel free to ask about beekeeping and I will give you the benefit of my LIMITED and developing knowledge.

Posted by Chris Syullivan on 11/12/2010   Email

Lo,|.m Hoole colony Beekeeper,avid environmentalist,and sensitive novice

Posted by Joe on 08/12/2010   Email

To Graeme - thanks for the drum, and to the three plotters who now have walking onions - they walk about 30cm a year.

Posted by Bridget on 27/11/2010   Email

To Joe - Thanks for the onions! Meant to post earlier. I've put them in and I'll see how far they decide to walk!

Posted by sara plot 173 on 27/11/2010   Email

I potted up a small planter with primulas and cyclamen a few weeks ago and left it by the bench by the hut. It was left there in memory of Brian Albiston, a good friend of ours. Unfortunately someone has decided to take, once again, what is not theirs If the gates were shut as required this might not have happened. It was there until last thursday so if anyone has witnessed this being taken please let us know. Thanks

Posted by Brian on 23/11/2010

Some stuff has been taken from my shed, it was a while ago, probably late Aug early Sep. Just in case it has turned up somewhere and someone would like to return it... The missing items are size 6 wellies, mostly black with yellow soles and gardening gloves with blue rubber palms and whit cloth backs. Thanks :-)

Posted by Graeme Plot 45 on 23/11/2010   Email

Joe, I have left your new green drum by your shed. All you need is a few holes in it and you are away.

Posted by Pimpmydibber on 15/11/2010

Thanks to whoever retrieved our wind-blown greenhouse frame and weighed it down. After last week's gales . And the plastic sheeting. And everything else. Thanks also for your work transferring the website bridget. BenrichwillPlot95

Posted by Chris on 08/11/2010

Folks I will be placing the main order with the supplier for the shop in the next week or so. If anyone wants something we don't presently stock, do let me know and I will see if I can obtain it for you. The shop will close at noon 28th November and reopen at 10am on Saturday 15th January 2011 when the seed orders will be in and ready for collection. Happy digging Chris

Posted by Graeme Curry Plot 45 on 07/11/2010   Email

Does Anyone know how to contact Clare at Plot 44. Someone has broken into her shed and it looks very recent. The lock had been ripped off and there is some damage to the door.

Posted by Bridget on 04/11/2010

Please bear with me while I get some more info and photos uploaded onto the new site!

Posted by Bridget on 04/11/2010   Email

Hi Joe Yes it's working! We had to transfer to a new website template and it wasn't possible to transfer old messages. Regarding the walking onions - my plot is 163 which is about 2/3 the way down the main path on the right hand side, 2 plots in. 163 is painted large on the side of my shed! I won't be able to get down until Sunday. Otherwise, you could perhaps leave them in the shop? Thanks!

Posted by Joe Foy on 04/11/2010

Is this working? Can we see older messages?

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