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Bees and Water - Read on!


Bees may swarm in the warm weather so if you see any please ring 

John Sadler BBKA Swarm Collector/Coordinator

Home 01244 314984

Mobile 07588097597

Here is some information about bee swarms;

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) has advised that a
spell of warm weather is ideal for honeybee colonies to start swarming.

As the number of bees in a hive grows the colony runs out of
space and it is time to split and look for a new home - so they swarm. They are looking for a new site to form a new colony.

The large groups of buzzing bees are more focused on finding a
new home than attacking anyone.

The old queen and flying bees leave their home to establish a
new nest, but with the queen bee not the strongest flyer, they can stop to take a rest.

Before leaving home they gorge on honey….if they are swarming,
they are semi-docile. Swarms are not dangerous, unless disturbed or aggravated  (for example, if sprayed with water)

Or Watering

We know many of our plants need water during this hot weather and it is tempting to just use a hose pipe from the tap, so please be considerate in your usage. We (HAGA) have to pay for the water used, it is metered. so please take note of these points;

Use stored rain water where possible

If you use a hose pipe, make sure it is attended at all times.

Do NOT use a sprinkler.

Do not spray over plants, especially ones with lots of leaves e.g. potatoes, the water doesn't reach their roots.

Aim the hose at the base of the plant and soak the soil, this is much more effective and more efficient. It uses less water, is quicker and the plants benefit more.

Disconnect your hose before you leave your plot

Tenants filling watering cans have priority

If you are the first on the water run and you use a hose pipe it will affect the pressure at the tap last on the run

Be considerate and "Share" the water with other tenants

Speed limit

Please note there is a speed limit of 10mph on all roadways/track within the allotment boundary. Signs will be put up shortly.

Open Day 2018 - Sunday 15th July 2018

This year the day will be opened by the Mayor of Chester The Lord Mayor Elect, Councillor Alex Black

HAGA subscriptions

These are due and can be paid in the shop. We have had a price freeze on subscriptions and they are held at last years prices.

£6.00 Tenants and £3.00  for Gardeners 


There has been a comment added to our Guest Book regarding cats on the allotment. Please read the sections "Criminal Damage 1971" & "The Common Law Duty of Care" at this web link.


Dogs on the allotments

Dogs are welcome on the allotments as long as they are with their owners and are under control. In all public areas they should be on a lead.

Take a look at this link to Controlling your dog in public

Recently we have had a few incidents where a dog has wandered off around the allotments and has caused some damage to plots. Take a look at the pictures below.

Hoole Street Festival - Haga Stall

The new HAGA signs are really good, we were noticed!

The perfect tenant

Who's sector is this on?

Not sure what to do on the plot this month?

Why not take a look at this handy web site, it is simple but gives some good guidance.

My Allotment Garden

100th Anniversary Open Day Sunday 16th July - Success 

About 500 people attended and the weather was fantastic, we all had a great day.

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