Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

The Trading Hut

Opens on Saturday 20th January. It will be open on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 12 noon during January.

Seed orders are available for collection.

HAGA subscriptions

These are due and can be paid in the shop. We have had a price freeze on subscriptions and they are held at last years prices.

£6.00 Tenants and £3.00  for Gardeners 

HAGA AGM 6th February 2018

The papers are now published on the web site.

Skips in February 2018

HAGA will be providing one skip in the Car Park and one skip
near Plot 13 over weekend 17th-19th February (may be extended if not filled).

The skips are for the disposal of certain types rubbish from plots,

ACCEPTABLE -  timber (short lengths), plastic, carpet, ground cover, glass paint tins/(empty/set), bricks/blocks/stones ( small quantities).

NOT ACCEPTABLE – ‘Hazardous’, asbestos, tyres, chemicals, fuel, chip/plasterboard, ‘green waste’(compost, or take home), metal (leave in
stack on car park), hardcore (leave in stack if suitable for road repairs),
stuff from Home!.

To prevent unauthorised use, the skips will be lockable, and only opened when HAGA plotholders are in attendance to supervise. Details of ‘opening times’ will be published nearer the time.


There has been a comment added to our Guest Book regarding cats on the allotment. Please read the sections "Criminal Damage 1971" & "The Common Law Duty of Care" at this web link.


Dogs on the allotments

Dogs are welcome on the allotments as long as they are with their owners and are under control. In all public areas they should be on a lead.

Take a look at this link to Controlling your dog in public

Recently we have had a few incidents where a dog has wandered off around the allotments and has caused some damage to plots. Take a look at the pictures below.

Hoole Street Festival - Haga Stall

The new HAGA signs are really good, we were noticed!

The perfect tenant

Who's sector is this on?

Not sure what to do on the plot this month?

Why not take a look at this handy web site, it is simple but gives some good guidance.

My Allotment Garden

100th Anniversary Open Day Sunday 16th July - Success 

About 500 people attended and the weather was fantastic, we all had a great day.

Also check out the Red Barrows."OFFICIAL" video

 Also look on the Gallery page

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