Hoole Allotments and Gardens 

Happy St Patrick's Day

Looks a little damp at the moment, but at least there is something to celebrate today.


This years seed potatoes are now in the shop ready for collection and purchase. Please bring your own carrier bag with you as there are no bags available in the shop.

For varieties available see the Trading Hut page.

100th Anniversery Open Day Sunday 16th July 2017 - Help needed

We are working very hard to make this years open day even better than the previous ones, 100 years is something to celebrate. This all means we need a little help along the way to get everything done, so if you can do any of the following, then please let us know.

230v power generator - if you have one please could we borrow it for the day. We need more power this year with the extra attractions we have planned.

Gas fired BBQ - again we have more food items planned, so if you have a gas BBQ we can borrow we would be most grateful.

Jam, jam jars and plants - the jam and plants sell well on our stalls, so if you can make some jam we can sell that would be great. If you have jam jars and prefer to give them to us to fill then that would also be very helpful. If you have a a few spare plants or would like to grow extra ones for us to sell at the open day, we would be delighted.

Recipes - We want tp produce an allotment cook book to celebrate the 100 year anniversary  and gardeners.and would like contributions from allotment holders. What is your favourite recipe using ingreients you have grown? Please send them to us.They don't have to be vegitarian, a good cross section would be good. 

If you can help with these items or anything else, then please contact us via the shop or speaking to any committee member. You could also use the contact details on this web site.

Many thanks

Open Day sub-committee

Trading Hut/Shop - Back open!

The trading hut is now open 10am - 12 noon Saturdays and Sundays. Wednesday open 2pm - 4pm


We are still trying to resolve the problem, but hope to have Facebook up and running again soon.

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